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BEA Participate! 08 User Conference
Conference Branding + Application UI

Art Direction, Visual Design
Branding for the conference was "undetermined" at the time I came on to the project, because of the Oracle acquisition of BEA. Once the acquisition was finalized and BEA folks realized that nobody at Oracle really cared what was done with the BEA brand, the VPs decided they wanted a somewhat-literal interpretation of the current logo done for the conference as a swan-song of sorts.

The execs were adamant from the start that they wanted the "diddleydots" (as the whole team came to reference them) to remain as-is and arcing over the letterforms exactly as within the corporate BEA lockup- and from there they were more driven to perfection, although had no idea what they wanted. So- as much as I don't miss my graphic design days of identity development, they did come in handy.

Beyond the logo-mark, an irreverent voice and as much of a tribute to the dying brand and the people who built it, was expressed as the desired core attribute driving the application & subsequent roughed-out brand design.

When Oracle terminated the funding for my contract, the last deliverable I quickly threw together was a brand-guide for the Marcom agency hired by BEA, to use in it's creation of rafter-banners, PPT templates, table-tents, booklets, and all the other branded doo-dads conventions tend to be swathed in. Feedback I received from the team after they returned from Chicago, was that everything turned out amazing- despite the scrambling and Oracle acquisition/transition mess.
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