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America Online
You've Got Pictures!_re-design, "Welcome Experience" phase

Ideation, Visual design
Ad System
In 2004 I worked at AOL's Mountain View office in a visual design group directed by Philip Kim, within Mike Macadaan & Lisa Malmud's design organization.

. . .
I owe a great debt to Philip Kim, who dragged me kicking and screaming from print and into digital. Philip believed in me, tolerated and defended my initial brick-wall transition/learning curve, guided and inspired me, and opened the doors to a whole new world that has since become a vital part of me.
Philip lost his 3-year battle with Leukemia in March of 2009. The world was a much better place with him in it, and he is missed by many. Philip: you were awesome and I owe you so much- thank you.
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