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— Note: Yet to format as a proper case-study. —

The report I authored in 2010 provides an overview of the discovery work I lead, and the team’s subsequent strategic recommendations. Its audience was Adobe and SONC executives. It’s also 25 pages. My 2014 summary is 6 sentences.

The project outcome was Adobe Consulting building an all-new Drupal site 2yrs later, that integrated with SONC’s existing Kintera (acquired by Blackbaud) fundraising system. It has of course been re-designed a few times, since then, but remains on Drupal.


Read project summary (composed in 2014)

Cut-and-pasted from old site

The client’s expressed goal was to automate numerous patron & administrative tasks through the website, enabling the org to build new communities online, and enabling marketing efforts to better exploit social-web opportunities.

Reducing the organization’s existing HR overhead, and facilitating more volunteers to do more, raise more funds, engage others more easily, and all with less time.

Separately: I really fell in love with this organization and it’s athletes, while working on this project. So much joy, kindness, such an embrace of fun & gratitude that was sincere, silly, inspiring, and refreshingly free of crystals & Birkenstocks. It was frankly impossible to ever leave the office w/o a huge smile. Even when exhausted after a day of workshops.

I had very little involvement with the final design/build segment of the project (how Adobe’s Consulting SOWs were structured), but my Adobe teammate Ian Ingalls did a phenomenal job… and I encourage everyone who reads this to please visit the site that emerged from this project, and to consider pledging an offer of support to help the smiles, the joy, the empowerment and the exuberance, to all keep coming.