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I’m a product and services designer, sometimes a researcher, often a facilitator, and always a champion of human needs. I’m also a snowboarder, a maker, a former founder, and an endlessly curious human. I love to observe; to listen, to ask; to sketch, to build; to learn, to iterate. I’ve been working in web, mobile, enterprise, and open source product development since 2004. She/her pronouns. I’m glad you’re here!

Talk to me about: art, architecture, abolition, accessibility, design, open source, metalworking, design systems, semiotics, inclusion, data privacy, usability in security, design ethics, servant leadership, systems thinking, collaboration frameworks; ice hockey, robotics, permaculture, epic powder days. Maybe (possibly) just a just few other things, too.

ninavizz is my universal handle, as well as my gmail. My public PGP key is advised for sensitive matters.

* Acknowledged serial abuser of semicolons and oxford commas.


I live with my partner and two mischievous cats on a tree farm at the base of Mt Hood, in rural Oregon, which has been a delightful midlife change after 20+ years in the San Francisco Bay Area. I enjoy travel, Crossfit, farm-to-table living, and taking-in the Milky Way on clear nights from home.  I also co-lead Portland’s IxDA chapter, and am still gunning for that elusive gig driving a snowcat groomer at 2am on the slopes of Mt. Hood.